One thing I frequently discuss centers around making beats that knock consistently and eliminating beat block. A lot of people may have had some success making music and made some beats that knock, but when they try to do it again, they can’t match that knock of some of their original beats. And they’re kind of stuck, not feeling inspired, maybe feeling in a rut with making beats. You can make more beats that knock with the three M’s technique, to reinspire your creativity.

There’s a lot of beatmakers and music producers going through spurts where they’re uninspired to make new music. One tip I give that will change that state of mind is to make a track every day. So literally open up your DAW and make a new beat every single day. When you haven’t been making beats that knock consistently, you might create a story in your mind that you’re not in the zone or feeling it.
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Making Beats That Knock

When you make a track every day, you might just stare at your dog and not know what to do at first. What you want to do is push through that. Just put something down. You could start by grabbing some samples from Splice, like Drums That Knock, putting something together, and calling it a day.

As you do that at first, you’re not going to be making the stuff you want to make. You’re not going to be feeling it. It’s not going to be that dope. But as you continue making ideas and mixing it down, you’re going to get all that stuff that’s inside of you, out of you and into your DAW. You’re going to mix it down and then eventually you’ll get in the flow. You’re going to be in the mind state that I can make anything I want. As you keep going with it, you’re going to surprise yourself. You’re going to go from not knowing what to do and what to make, to realizing creativity is infinite and consistently making beats that knock.

The Three M’s Technique

Make it. Mix it down. Move on. That’s the three M’s technique for making beats that knock consistently. Make one beat every single day. Don’t judge it. Mix it down. Don’t even listen to it unless you love it and want to move on the next day. Next beat: make it, mix it down, and move on. I like that. That is one way you can get out of beat block. One way you can improve your music production.

It sounds simple, but the way you improve is by making music every day. If you don’t make music every day, there might be a tendency to feel overwhelmed and not know where to start. Some people tell me, as soon as they open their door, they don’t know what to do, or they judge everything they do. And they can’t make exactly what they want to make. Well, you have to make music every day. It’s like a muscle. It’s like training. You have to be in that practice. 

Also, be brave, release your music. Even if you’re afraid to release it, afraid of judgment, or afraid of what people are going to say, put it out there. Let the people decide. Make the music. Release the music. One thing you guys could try doing is picking one of your favorite beats that knock one month and put it out. Drop it as a single. Release your music.

Don’t be afraid to take risks and always stay true to yourself. And if you find yourself in a creative rut, remember you can make more beats that knock with the three M’s technique. I hope you found this helpful!

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