During a recent Twitch stream, I was asked if I had any advice on how to prevent overthinking when making beats.

One tip is centered around the MPC. I’ve gone into phases where I would make beats on the MPC. The reason for this, is that the benefit of making beats on gear like the MPC, is there’s no screen.

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Nowadays, most music producers and beatmakers are working in FL Studio or Ableton and can become attached to their screen. Try taking some time away from your screen and listen to your beat. This way, you’re not using the meters to tell you how your beat sounds. You can tune into the actual sounds coming out of your speakers. This definitely helps with going with the feeling in your body, and not what you’re thinking it should be based on the meters in your DAW.

My second tip on how to prevent overthinking when making beats is meditation. Focusing on your breathe, getting out of your head and into your body. Focus on the feeling in your feet. The feeling in your legs, hips, stomach, chest, neck and in your head. But move that energy down. This can definitely help you from overthinking. Going with your body, rather than your mind.

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