I was recently searching for the best software to batch process audio. As a regular user of Ableton, one of its limitations is that it doesn’t have any way to quickly batch process audio. For example, say you made a drum kit or sample pack in 96kHz and you want to convert it to 44.1kHz 24 bit to send out. Or, if you made a whole album in 48K, but you want to dither it down to 44.1kHz 24 bit for streaming.

Searching for the best software to batch process audio

First, I tried downloading some cheap apps, but they never sounded that good. I tried doing it in Studio One, which was pretty good. I got a batch processor for Studio One. It was a $60 addition. And, I also did it in Pro Tools, which is probably my favorite way to do it, but that involved opening another DAW.

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What is the best software to batch process audio?

The best software to batch process audio is iZotope RX 8. The reason why I like iZotope RX 8 is because it’s batch processing algorithm is elite. Surprisingly, Ableton and iZotope RX 8, both have a near perfect sample rate conversion algorithms. There’s a website you can go to that will show you how the different algorithms compare.

Comparing sample rate conversion algorithms

Ableton Live 10 has one of the cleanest and clearest as there are no artifacts or distortion when looking at a sweep from 96kHz to 44.1kHz. With the website https://src.infinitewave.ca you can take two pieces of software and compare their sample rate conversion algorithm. Ableton for example has a much, much cleaner sample rate conversion algorithm than FL Studio. Pro Tools also isn’t at the level of Ableton in this regard. 

What Ableton doesn’t do, however, is batch processing. And that’s where iZotope RX 8 comes in. It’s super clean. iZotope RX 8’s 64 bit sample rate conversion is almost identical to Ableton. Super clean. Feel free to run your own customized comparisions at https://src.infinitewave.ca.

Using iZotope RX 8 to batch process audio

If you hit command + B, it opens the Batch Processor within iZotope RX 8. You can take a bunch of songs or samples and drag them right into the software. You can also add all kinds of different effects. If you Resample, it even shows you re-sampling filters, you can select your sample rate, cutoff shift, pre-ringing, filter steepness, post limiter. There are presets for CD and Video/DVD audio quality, and you have access to all these other things like De-reverb among other things. I haven’t gotten into all these features, but for a simple resampling batch processor, I feel like RX 8 is the best software in terms of sound quality and ease of use.

If you get it, just make sure to get the version that has Batch Processor and you hit command + B to get into it. 

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