This is a game changer for independent musicians to collaborate remotely. I was recently working on a session with a collaborator who put me onto this amazing free VST. It’s called Satellite Sessions from Mixed In Key. And there’s never been a time that such a tool like this could be put to use. It’s the perfect tool for anyone looking to learn how musicians can collaborate remotely efficiently and effectively.
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You download it and load it up in your DAW. And there’s a little utility that comes with it, so you can capture stems in your session in real-time. What you do is invite your collaborator to a session through it and get synced up. For example, I could add a drum pattern for them to mess with and they could add in a melody and it would show-up in Satellite Sessions immediately. 

You can continue to go back and forth, and your DAW will be synced up with it. I made a beat with someone recently in 15 minutes all through this tool. A true game changer.  The previous way we’d collab is by sending a session or just stems back in forth, but this is way better because you’re working on a session in real time. Like for example, you could FaceTime and work on this session at the same time. 

And another thing I like about it is it works no matter what DAW you have. If your collaborator is in Logic and you’re in Ableton, that’s not a problem. It syncs up via audio. I think that is incredible. And it’s totally free. I recommend everybody in the music community get this. This is really going to take collaboration to the next level.

I’m not sponsored by them at all. They did reach out to me and ask if they could sponsor me, but it didn’t work out. I decided not to. Go with their offer. But I told them, even though I’m not going to accept the sponsorship, I genuinely liked this product. And I’ll probably still talk about it. I’m doing this for free because I feel like this is a tool that will benefit the community.

Satellite Sessions makes it fun to collaborate remotely. You can work on a project together with someone across any DAW. I highly recommend you go and grab this free VST. Shoutout to Mixed In Key.