Someone recently tagged me in a tweet that was an FL Studio user that recently switched over to Ableton. They described the one thing that they disliked was how it’s so small on their screen. I’d estimate that the majority of Ableton users already know this, but for anyone who may be new to this DAW, there is a setting to accomplish this. If you’re looking to learn how to zoom the display in Ableton, just follow the 3 steps below.

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  1. Go to Live > Preferences or use the keyboard shortcut: Command ,
  2. Go to the Look Feel Tab
  3. Find the Zoom Display option. By default it’s set to 100%, but as soon as you turn it up, Ableton gets bigger.
Learning how to zoom the display in Ableton is quite simple

Learning how to zoom the display in Ableton could be helpful if you have a 5K or 6K display, for instance. If you have a lot tracks in your session, you could also go the other direction and make the Ableton display smaller.

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