One thing that has always frustrated me about FL Studio is the long list of folders that come pre-built into the software. I’m never using any of these plugin or channel presets that are there out of the box. I don’t even go to the plugin database. Right-clicking from within the channel rack and adding in a plugin that way provides me with a much quicker workflow. If you’re a music producer or beatmaker that feels the same way, this article will teach you how to remove folders in FL Studio.

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Organizing your folders in FL Studio

Follow these steps below and you’ll have a much cleaner and organized FL Studio, customized to your workflow. 

Step 1

Click the browser options arrow in the top left and make sure Show only one folder content is checked. Then make sure Show only open folders is unchecked.

Step 2

Click the current snapshot arrow and select one of the empty snapshots. Snap 4, for example.

Step 3

You’re going to open up the folders you want to be in the snapshot. For example, The Complete Knock Bundle, and some other folders where my sound kits and sample packs are stored.

Step 4

Once the folders are opened that you want to save, click on the browser options menu again, and then click on Show only open folders.

Take action and learn how to remove folders in FL Studio

Step 5

Since this was saved on Snap 4, you likely want to rename that. Simply right-click (or CTRL+ click) on Snap 4 and give this snap a new name and color code if you desire.

Learn how to remove folders in FL Studio

Improve sample organization by removing folders in FL Studio

This is something that always bothered me about FL Studio, and if you’re like me, this tip will be a huge organization boost for you. Now that you learned how to remove folders in FL Studio, you may even decide to implement different Snaps in ways that align with improving your workflow. If you’re looking for another great FL Studio tip, check out how to double your channel rack length.

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