A lot of music producers and beatmakers say that Fruity Limiter sounds terrible in FL Studio, and by default, that is true. But if you learn how to make Fruity Limiter knock in FL Studio, it’s actually better than the Fruity Soft Clipper.

By default, Fruity Limiter sounds weak. You lose the punch and the transients. But let’s look at how to make Fruity Limiter hit harder.

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Step 1

Turn the ceiling all the way up. When you do this, it’s no longer limiting.

Step 2

Dial the saturation knob back slightly (it’ll be bright red). This has a soft clipping algorithm built in. If you play your beat back now, you’ll notice it already punches more.

Step 3

Now turn up the gain knob slightly.

How to make Fruity Limiter knock in FL Studio

And that’s how to make Fruity Limiter knock in FL Studio. If you enjoyed this tutorial on Fruity Limiter, check out some of my other FL Studio tutorials.

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