As an independent musician aside from the music you’re creating, it’s important to understand how to position yourself externally as a brand. And in the beginning of that journey, it’s about your mindset. And keeping yourself grounded throughout the process is a way to move ahead. What you want to do is cherish every new fan or follower you get and treat them as a person. That’s how independent musicians can build their brand.
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If you’re only focused on the numbers, you’re going about it all wrong. In the beginning your song may only get 10 plays or a post you do may only get 4 likes. What you want to do is appreciate every person, every single human being. It’s not just a username. That’s a human being behind that username. It doesn’t matter if you have one fan and it’s your sister. That’s a human being who is engaging with your content. 

Staying patient

When you start out, you’re going to have one, two, three, 10, 20, 50, as you keep going more and more people will be drawn to your content. Release authentic content that you believe in.

You may even get some feedback and you’ll learn what is resonating with the people who are engaging with you. Then as you keep doing more, you’re going to get more comments. Reply to them. Communicate with them. Listen to them. Building an authentic community will build your brand up.

It’s not all about the numbers in the beginning

Don’t look at the numbers. It doesn’t matter if you have 200 plays or 2,000, it doesn’t matter in the beginning. You’re looking for new fans, one by one. And what I learned is that you can have a successful career in music once you reach 1,000 dedicated diehard fans.

Every new fan is contributing towards that 1,000 fans. As you’re getting more supporters, more fans, your career will grow as a result of that. I’m at the point now where I’m getting hundreds and hundreds of followers per day, but I’ve been doing this a long time and I started out with one new fan at a time.

One new fan, another new fan, another new fan. Don’t be discouraged. If your track got 20 plays and three comments, that’s three human beings that decided to take the time to comment on your content. Engage with them. Now here’s the point that I’m making, I’ve seen people who put out something and it got 17 plays or did a show and three people showed up. If three people attend your show, you better give those three people the best show of their life. If three people show up in your comment section, then that’s three people you can reply to. That’s three human beings that engage with your content. 

Appreciate your fans and followers

What you appreciate grows. That’s my belief. When you appreciate something, you’re inviting it in. If you’re discouraged and don’t appreciate those who do engage, then you’ll begin to repel them and turn them away from you. If you appreciate those people, you’re going to bring in more people. And those people are going to bring more people. And that’s how you can create brand awareness of yourself as an independent artist.

Then when new people hear about you and come to your content, it’s authentic. It’s real. It’s quality. It gives you the chills when you listen to it. When you consume it.

Authentic community, authentic music, authentic fanbase, authentic growth. And you’ll keep growing. That’s what it’s like in the early stages of building your brand. You’re going to need patience, especially in the beginning because you’re reaching for those 1,000 fans. That’s how independent musicians can build their brand.

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