I recently found this Ableton MaxForLive device called Auto Track Colors. This plugin is amazing for those who are in Ableton and care about organization and productivity. It’s $9. When you add Auto Track Colors to your project, it enables you to set customizable colors based on what the track name is. 

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Let’s say you want your kick tracks to be the color yellow, anytime you include the word kick in the track name, it’s going to become yellow automatically. Or if you want your bass to be blue, you can set it so anytime you include the word bass in the track name, it’ll become blue. This is an organizational cheat code for Ableton

If I click color settings, then a window pops up for you to set up the color-coding automation is any way you’d like. One thing I realized is that you can actually put several variations of a specific word that you want to trigger a color. For example, K or Kick to trigger a color for any kick tracks. 

So, how I have it set up is my drums are one color set. Then I have one for vocal chops, main/lead and FX. So how it works is I make a new track and it’s yellow by default. If I renamed this kick, boom, it turns blue.

And say, I want to name this bass, it turns dark blue. It’s really easy to use and simple to set up. And as far as organization goes, this is a game changer for me. Shout out to Live Workflow Tools. And this MaxForLive device is available for purchase for $9 on Gumroad.

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