Fresh Air by Slate Digital is a free plugin that recently dropped, and it sounds incredible. Fresh Air is perfect for opening up the top end. I’m going to start using this on my Master a lot.
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Fresh Air has two main knobs. Mid Air controls the lower band in the high frequency range and High Air controls the higher band in the high frequency range. Another thing you can do is link them. So whatever ratio you’re using will stay consistent as you adjust each knob.

You can’t go wrong with this free plugin. And it just needs a little bit to really make a difference. There can be a tendency to overdo it because when you first add it, the sound is so good that you want to keep adding it. So, just be mindful of that and be judicious with how much you add.

I highly recommend you pick up this free plugin: Fresh Air by Slate Digital. And after you check out this one, check out my top 6 Free VST plugins as well.

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