In a recent Twitch stream, someone asked me to talk about competition. And I wanted to shed some light on using competition to fuel you as a music producer.

We all get competitive at time. You might see someone producing amazing tracks or making amazing moves. This could fire you up inside. There may even be some jealousy that comes along with it. Jealousy can happen because they are where you want to be.

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This feeling or emotion likely can come up when you’re playing some of your beats for people. In the producer community, there are people at all different levels. Some might be more advanced than others. Some people are new and still learning and trying to develop.

So, if that jealousy feeling comes up, I want to let you know right now that energy is fuel. Anytime you feel jealousy or some competitive energy in you, it’s important to remember that you feel that because that is where you want to be. That is the energy that’s attempting to get you to grow.

Take that energy and propel yourself forward instead of condemning other people out there. In my experience, that’s the best way to use that energy. So, embrace that competitive energy. And if you feel it, that’s a good thing. Because that energy is meant to propel you in a positive and constructive way.

The only thing we can control is our perspective. Competition is a really good thing for music producers. Imagine hearing a beat that is so dope and it just makes you want to step your game up. That energy will propel you to make some incredible music. That energy will propel you to making great records with artists. That energy will propel you to be a better person. A better human being.

Some use it to hold themselves back and make excuses. But you can use it to build yourself up. Use it to become great. That’s why using competition to fuel you as a music producer can be so beneficial.

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