The top VST tape plugins do a fantastic job of emulating that vintage sound you need on occasion. Whether it’s a cassette or VHS tape sound you’re after, these tape plugins will help color your sound in a fun way. Get ready to be inspired.

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These are the top VST tape plugins.

Sketch Cassette from Aberrant DSP

Sketch Cassette is an excellent tape plugin. They have a variety of different tapes that you can emulate. There’s Type I, Type II and Metal. Type II is a personal favorite of mine. Then you have the ability to select the age of the tape. You can adjust the hiss which I like to turn off to make room in the mix. You can add you can saturation and dropouts, which is a great addition to this plugin. Then you got Wow and Flutter. Overall, Sketch Cassette is a great tape plugin to color the sound of your beat.

Cassette from Wavesfactory

Cassette by Wavesfactory is another one of the top VST tape plugins. This one has a very realistic sound. I also like the presets that come with this: Clean Tape, 1978 and Tascam are a few personal favorites. The GUI on this tape plugin is also really cool. This is a real popular one that can definitely color your sound in a nice and customizable way.

RC-20 Retro Color from XLN Audio

RC-20 from XLN Audio is another fantastic VST plugin. And I hardly ever use presets on this one because I like to tweak the default. You can pick the type of noise you want like Vinyl, VHS, or Studio Ambience, for example. I like Vinyl a lot in RC-20. In addition to the noise you select, you can also have knobs for Wobble, Distort, Digital, Space and Magnetic. Distortion sounds great on 808’s. And I love the graphics on this tape plugin. It does a great job of visualizing what it sounds like. Then at the bottom you have your EQ. Just a great plugin.

Super VHS from Baby Audio

Super VHS is a really good VST plugin for making a VHS style sound. There’s Heat which is like saturation and distortion. Wash is like your reverb. And Drift is kind of like your flutter. Shape is your bitcrusher, and Static is really nice on Super VHS too. Magic gives you a Haas effect type sound too. There’s a lot built into this plugin which makes it a nice one to have.

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These are the top VST tape plugins

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